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Mary Jane's House of Glass Onboarding

You're hired! Before you get going, we'll need to get you set up.

Create an account on mjhog.com

Signing up for mjhog.com will give you full access to the Employee Portal, which will be your go-to resource while you're employed at Mary Jane's. An admin will view your request and approve your membership within 24-48 business hours. (Office hours are Mon-Fri from 9 am-5 pm).

Complete this section before your first shift.

Once completed, your hiring manager will provide you with the date, time, and location of your new hire orientation. Please allow 24-48 business hours for your hiring manager to get in touch with you.

You can stop here.

Your hiring manager will be in contact with you after you submit your Employe Info. You will complete your Employee Onboarding packet on your first shift.

Come prepared to your first shift with:

Employee Onboarding Packet

Complete this section during your first shift.

An Onboarding packet will be sent to your email by MJ Admin from a third-party app, AdobeSign. If you do not see the document in your inbox or your junk, please notify your supervisor. They will inform HR to resubmit the packet. Please complete and sign for our employee records.


  1. ​Federal W-4
    • If you are an Oregon resident, you will receive an additional Oregon W-4​​
       See how to complete:
       Federal W-4 | Oregon W-4

  2. I-9 Employment Verification
    • All employees are required to bring two forms of ID to complete their Employee Onboarding
       See US Citizenship and Immigration Services list of Accepted Documents

  3. Direct Deposit
    • We require all employees to utilize Direct Deposit

  4. Employee Handbook & Acknowledgements

Once you've completed the packet, please inform your manager.

New Hire Training Courses

Complete these courses on your first shift.

Each employee will be assigned to New Hire courses upon being hired. You may use your 60-day introductory period to work through all the course material. By the end of the introductory period, with the completion of training courses and real experience working behind the counter, each employee should have an understanding of our product line, how to make sales, how to operate the POS, and how to provide quality customer service.

The First 60 Days

As a new employee, you are hired with a 60-day introductory period. This time allows us to evaluate your understanding of the training process and allows you to see if we meet your expectations as an employer.

Getting Scheduled

You will get an email invite from “When I Work”. When I Work is where you will find your monthly schedule. You may access the app on your phone to take advantage of the full features of this software (you may also access the site on a desktop web browser).

To ensure management has your latest preferences, please submit your schedule preferences at the beginning of each month.


Shifts are assigned according to ability, skills, and availability. When scheduling, management will look at your overall sales performance including but not limited to sales per hour, monthly sales, and sales competition participation.

Receive a $15 Grubhub credit when you cover a last minute shift.

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Employee Number


You will be assigned a 5-digit employee number that will be used as your login for uAttend (Timeclock software) and Cloud Retailer (POS System) and for making employee purchases after your introductory period. Once your hiring manager gives you this number, memorize it or keep it someplace you will remember.

Clocking In and Out

On your first shift, your hiring manager will give you access to clock in and out using your fingerprint on the store's uAttend device. See Biometrics Agreement 


To get paid accurately, please clock in and out for each shift, changing the department for each new location you work at (see how). 

Log into uAttend to check your hours worked and submit sick time. Your password will be the first four letters of your last name and the last four digits of your social security number. If you need to reset your password, or cannot access your account(s), please inform your manager or contact an admin.

Human Resources

Checking Your Paystub

Intuit Workforce Logo.jpg

On your orientation shift, you will be invited by email to join Intuit Workforce. If you do not see it in your inbox your your junk, please inform your supervisor. If you already have an Intuit account, please inform Human Resources if the email differs from the one you submitted above.

Check your paystub at the end of each pay period to catch any clerical errors. Are your hours-worked correct? Is your address up to date?

How to Earn a Key

  1. Confidence in opening and closing procedures

  2. Confidence in all POS procedures

  3. Confidence in warranty and return procedures

  4. Confidence in dealing with unsatisfied customers

Managers will request a key for employees through the warehouse with Regional Manager approval.

Staying Connected